Are You Or Someone You Know Dealing With False Child Abuse Allegations?

Have you been




Or do you know someone this has happened to? Sometimes in contested divorce situations, one party will pursue a false child abuse charge in order to gain leverage in Court, custody disputes, and with the children. The International Support Network of Alienated Families* (ISNAF) is hosting a workshop to help these families deal with the issue of false allegations.


Saturday, May 4th, 1:00 – 4:00pm, El Segundo School District building on 641 Sheldon Street, El Segundo 90245.


Advance purchase price is $35 before May 1st. To register: $40 after May 1st and at the door.


Catherine MacWillie, a former law enforcement officer with in depth knowledge of Parental Alienation will be presenting a workshop on dealing with FALSE child abuse allegations in a divorce and custody situation. Some of the topics Catherine will address are:

    • How to defend/protect oneself from being FALSELY accused especially in cases of multiple or repeated allegations.

    • How to navigate the system during the investigation, law enforcement and DCSF interviews, court testimony and after, including implications of numerous FALSE allegations.

    • How to reduce/stop the accusers from filing FALSE child abuse allegations.

    • There will also be a Q & A and networking period.

Catherine began researching the issues when as a law enforcement officer she noticed the correlation between crime statistics, such as homicides, suicides, abductions, child abuse, domestic violence, violation of court orders, stalking and many other crimes and their relevance to Family Law.


Now retired after 24 years of service from the Los Angeles Police Department, she is able to bring a unique perspective to the issues of Family Law. The combination of her work experience as a prior first responder to child abuse investigations, working with detectives and patrols as well as her extensive research enables her to offer a very salient viewpoint to the divorce process that is different from other divorce professionals.


Catherine has continued to be actively involved in other issues related to Family Law including Parental Alienation, both as a prior board member of Parental Alienation (PAAO) as well as prior President of Stop Parental Alienation of Children (SPAC) in which she was able to assist families with alienation issues. She was also a presenter at the 2013 the International Support Network for Alienated Families (ISNAF) Conference on Parental Alienation.




Catherine MacWillie is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Custody Calculations, Calendars & Orders. A company that provides professional services to the divorce industry such as divorce attorneys, guardian ad litem’s, minors counsel, therapists, counselors, families and individuals.

*ISNAF is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing support, resources, and education to the community as well as promoting awareness and advocacy work. ISNAF believes “Every child deserve to love BOTH parents”. For more information on ISNAF please visit or contact George Ross, CEO, at (310)487-0881 or

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Divorce Coach, Our Clients Save $150 – $250 Each Hour They Speak To Us

Here is a list of my recent postings on my Twitter account Thursday, February 07, 2013, Custody Calculations/CEOMacWillie


Atty said never worked w/Divorce Coach before. Said client would never have finished divorce or managed the case as easily without us.


Another attorney we are working with never heard of Divorce Coach. Said coordinating with parent on the case has never been easier.


Our Divorce Coach services may be the best thing that ever happened to law firms and single practice attorney.


Each hour client spends with our, Divorce Coach services, client saves $150-$250. Increases ability to keep/pay attorney on the case.


Interviewed by Wash lobbyist on the possibility, no fly list for children of divorce because of unique background, knowledge, resources.


Received call fm Europe. Parent dealing US courts where other parent/children now live. Confused by court system, already on second atty.


Newest client lives in the East, children West Coast.After 9 attys, parents working directly w/each other on custody/other issues w/our help

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Want to Know Why a Divorce Coach, Retired Cop, Bunny Ears, Clown Nose are Involved in a Divorce/Custody Case?

Here is something that you are never going to hear an attorney say to their client, “I want you to buy some big rabbit ears and a big red clown nose.”

The next time you speak to the children I want you to wear that clown nose and funny ears to make your children smile and giggle when you are speaking to them via Skype.” But that is exactly what we said to one of our clients!

Our client was struggling to keep their children speaking during Skype calls. The calls were getting shorter with each contact. The answers were down to one or two syllables by the children. The parent was becoming more desperate.

For the next Skype call, I had the client keep their cell phone on so that I could hear the conversation. I also had them wear an ear piece so that I could provide the parent with for the children questions and keep the conversation going. . . . positively.

The parent more animated, was able to hurdle some of the barriers placed in front of them by the children during the call. Not a lot of progress. But some. And the client. Well, the client got help in a way they never imaged.

The next call, the parent is going to wear the bunny ears and clown nose. The call after that something different. And ever so slowly the children and the client will rebuild their relationship, with humor and laughter and trust.

Custody Calculations. Divorce Coach, Divorce Workshops. We are different! Call for yourself. Consultations are free 702-675-5120.

Available most weekends and evenings. Retainers not necessary in a majority of cases. Flat Fee Programs and hourly rates begin for as little as $99.00 and hour.

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Are Juries the Solution to Family Law?

Many times I have read the suggestion that we need to replace judges in Family Law with a jury? But what would this mean and what would the impact be? Better, worse, would all of the issues of bias, bad decisions magically go away, or would juries provide the same result with even more problems?

The criminal justice system is already impacted by the lack of jurors available. Given the additional burden this demand would place on the jury system could be enough to break the entire system, criminal and civil.

Lets say we did do go forward and convert Family Law to a jury system. What if to do this we said it would require every adult over the age of 18 would be “drafted” so to speak and serve anywhere from a month or more each year to serve in Family Law. This would be in addition to jury service in criminal cases. Would every adult in this country be prepared for this type of commitment?

Would families and individuals be in a position to obtain full time care for the children or other person in their care for that person to serve? Never mind the financial cost if that were necessary and what of the loss in income to serve as a juror at $15.00 a day in Family Law? How many families or individuals could take on this additional burden in this economy, where keeping a job is tough enough. Another issue I won’t at this moment touch upon. The impact to employers to keep job positions open when an employee serves.

What about transportation, how many individuals would have the ability to pay and/or bear the burden to transport themselves to court houses, hundreds of miles from their home every day to serve on a jury without reimbursement, food, housing etc?

A great many number of people, very committed people, who want to improve the Family Law court system have made this suggestion. But in their rush to put forth solutions the full impact of this suggestion is rarely recognized or discussed. The suggestions could result in an even worse scenario.

Already in criminal courts, attorneys try to identify bias in advance of the trial, ask about ability to serve etc. What would the impact be on these issues in Family Law. Isn’t it possible that a juror may feel the need to “right the wrong” done to them personally. Or correct a wrong to a family member, friend, coworker or to a particular gender or group in this format. Or the other side of the spectrum which exists for judges and juries, the possibility that they are blind to the fact that they have a bias.

Jurors may intentionally take action to punish a parent for the wrongs because of their sex, their perception of the individual in front of them, one versus the other. The way a Petitioner or Respondent may phrase their statement, dress, walk, speak, education, religion, culture, the list is endless. And the all important one which is how well an individual comes across. It will impact juries too just as it does judges! I won’t even begin to address the process of jury selection for Family Law. What delays that would cause.

Considered, if you will, that a majority of criminal and civil cases in which a jury is involved, there is still no level of comfort in the rulings? A number of headlines across the country frequently report the results of civil and criminal trials in which the country, community or families of victims have strongly spoken out with their dissatisfaction with the decision made by the jury.

But the harsh reality is that right now, the country is not in a position to scrap the Family Law Court System and start over, not financially, physically, emotionally on any level. What we need to focus on fixing the system that we have already in place. You know the saying, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Same applies here. We need to fix our already existing system.

Because we have failed to do it in the past, does not mean that we have/will fail in the future. The current economic crisis may in fact be the very environment we need to bring about change.

Please don’t misunderstand, I encourage conversation. Support the process of discussing what might be possible, to ensure no stone is left unturned. But I have been dealing with Family Law a very long time now as a police officer, nearly 24 years in all and now as a Divorce Coach.

As a police officer I witnessed the decimation of families on a level more violent, more deadly, and wider in scope unprecedented by the view of the public in most cases. All of which lead me to spend ten years researching the issues of Family Law on my own time and at my own cost. Seeking solutions that could be implemented now without the cost and time necessary to change the law in each state. This really is possible. Much simpler, and for far less than ever thought possible.

Call us for a free consultation 702-675-5120. Weekends and after hours available. Follow us on Twitter, Like Us on Face Book, find us on LinkedIn, You Tube, My Space.

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Unknown/Known Bias by Judges in Family Law Effecting Rulings. Yes/No?

Here is a list of my recent postings on my Twitter account January 23, 2013, Custody Calculations/CEOMacWillie.

Future of divorce court should involve the ability to identify bias of particular region, courthouse, or judge for better rulings. Yes/No

Question. Does divorce court have an unknown bias supporting remarried couples over single parents? Your thoughts…..

I wonder what divorce court would say, if accused of a bias/supporting parents who remarry over a single parent. Your thoughts?

What if we could tell a specific judge divorce court they had bias unaware of/correct so they made better rulings. This future is possible!

We have a pretty good idea what the future looks like for divorce court or what it could look like. What is your vision?

The following is an additional comment that the company,
Custody Calculations, posted on Facebook regarding the above issues.

In all of the discussions dealing with divorce reform, we are the only company that has addressed the need to identify that judges may have a bias that is unknown even to them. At least to my knowledge.

Bias does effects the position of the court and bias does effect judgment and rulings on individual cases. As a result, outcomes may be different than should have been based on evidence and testimony if the judge had known of their bias or was confront with prior knowledge of their bias. Finally, that bias would/does hurt families.

The future is not as difficult or far from being possible as currently considered.

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Facebook Posting. A Win/Win Scenario in Divorce. Doesn’t That Sound Like An Oxymoron

We posted the following on Facebook today, January 16, 2013.


A parent who only occasionally contacts us, called frantic, anxiety ridden, desperate. They said that to save money, they were obtaining documents requested by their attorney instead of paying their attorney to do the task. They were unable to obtain the documents without a long delay.
They were dealing with a time sensitive issue.


We told them what to do and how to proceed so that they could provide documents within 24 hours to their attorney and deal with the remaining documents on a later schedule. Allowing their attorney to move forward on their case.

Instead of calling their attorney and spending $350.00 they didn’t have to explain the problem, and ask their attorney how to solve it, we spent ten minutes with them and didn’t charge them anything. They hung up the phone, with piece of mind and a better understanding of the entire situation. They are now getting their first real rest in a very long time.

Attorneys don’t realize how something so simple to them can overwhelm their clients who do not know the system, do not understand what is being asked of them, or are afraid to answer incorrectly. Obtaining documents, filling out forms etc.

We build a relationship with our clients so that they call us before they call their attorney and after. We prepare them for the call so they spend less time, are more focused spend less time and money speaking to their attorney. After the call to their attorney we explain to them what/why attorney is asking them for something. How to go about dealing with the request and how to do it in as simple a format as possible. All for a fraction of the cost that they would spend on their attorney.


Their attorney gets a better client and the case runs smoother. The client is not overwhelmed and is able to keep their legal fees under control.


More importantly, the client is able to make better decisions on everything, not drained by each and every action. Better decisions, fewer mistakes. A win/win scenario.


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Didn’t Know. Keeping Your Divorce Settlement Confidential

Below are Twitter postings for the week ending January 13, 2013, regarding keeping your divorce settlement confidential.

Most individuals are unaware that their divorce information is public. Viewable by their children as adults, neighbors, a new relationship a business competitor or anyone else looking for information.

Keeping that settlement private is something that most attorneys never discuss with their clients, because they know that with few exceptions court will not seal your documents. We know how to keep your divorce settlement private without involving the courts.

What else don’t you know?  702-675-5120 Free consultation. We work with you and your attorney to protect you in a way that is unique in divorce proceedings. Get out sooner with less devastation using our services with competent legal counsel. Flat Monthly Fee Programs to fit nearly any budget.

Significant assets? Potential for high conflict divorce? Obtain a Katie Holmes divorce for just a little more money. We are unique in the field of divorce. Comprised of retired law enforcement officers taking a corporate litigated approach to divorce. We only sound expensive.


Dog Whisperer host finalized divorce. Must pay ex $23,000 a month. Bet he wishes his attorneys had kept this private. Should have involved us.

Divorce records are public. Do you know how to keep your info private? Does your attorney? We do/can show your attorney how. Divorce Coach.

Your a CEO/celebrity/someone who for business/personal reasons wants to keep divorce terms confidential. Call us. We know how.

Court rarely seals divorce records. We can show you how to keep final divorce terms confidential. Divorce Coach.

Are you a CEO, a celebrity or just someone who wants to keep your divorce terms confidential. We can show you how. Divorce Coach.

Celebrities have their records viewed by tabloids faster than they can file them. Want to change that! Divorce Coach.

Are you a CEO who feels your business would be compromised by your divorce. Keep your records confidential w/o involving the courts. Call us Divorce Coach.

Are you a CEO who feels your business would be compromised by your divorce settlement? Keep your records confidential.

Do you want your biz competitors to learn the details of your divorce? Surprising how few attorneys know how to keep confidential.

Surprising # of wealthy whose divorce records are open to the public. Easy to correct. Call us/have attorney call us. Divorce Coach. Ret COP

Hulk Hogan/Sandra Bullock had to go back to court/quiet ex’s. Should be divorce 101 for a celebrity. Divorce Coach. It is for our clients!


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