Child Subjected to Parental Alienation for Years Becomes Bully

 image photo child being aggressive towards parent march 2016

Facebook on fire after my post on a child subjected to parental alienation for years, who has become increasingly aggressive verbally, physically and through social media with the targeted parent and others with whom they have contact with. Behavior encouraged by the alienating parent.

The child’s bulling behavior has spilled out into classrooms, playgrounds and  neighborhood where they live and play with other children. Without the teachers knowledge or consent the child uses their cell phone to video tape the interaction between classmates with their teacher.  The child then uploads the video to social media to cyber bully their classmates.

these scenarios can end badly for the victim of the bullying, as well as the aggressive child and other school children when and if the situation explodes depending on age, physical build or access to weapons. At the very minimum everyone is a victim including the child who is manipulated by the alienating parent.

As a Child Custody and Divorce Coach, suggested a plan involving, school, counselors, attorneys, police, detectives, in home services, even social services and parents of children who have been bullied to protect and provide services to everyone involved.

So much risk, so much damage. All of it so terrible.


Wonderful article on co-parenting and the realistic, gut wrenching difficulties of trying to make it work with a narcissist personality, parental alienation and high conflict cases with my comments: photo parents standing on sidewalk used in co-paernting article march 2016


I echo the statements of so many others who have posted on this article. It is a beautifully written, clear and concise article on the emotions and reality of these co-parenting situations dealing with a narcissist personality. Or for that matter parental alienation and high conflict custody cases. Forcing parents to believe that every scenario should result in co-parenting if only the parents would care more about the children as opposed to hurting the other parent has developed into a “hostage situation.” With the narcissist and other similar behaviors holding the compliant parent as hostage. But they are not alone, the courts, attorneys, mediators, parenting evaluators, all subscribe to this fantasy. Let me be clear. I absolutely believe that co-parenting works in some scenarios. Just not all. A little known parenting program is gaining momentum called Parallel Parenting. The simplest description of Parallel Parenting is the one in which each parent, parents separately from the other parent. Not co-parenting. When the children are with one parent they make all the decisions for the children without interference from the other. When the children are exchanged the authority to make parenting decisions transfers with the children so to speak. The exception being emergencies and any other provisions specified in the court order. A Child Custody and Divorce Coach with 32 years experience dealing with Family Law, 24 years as a law enforcement, 10 years research into Family Law, last 8 years as a Coach I am well aware of this “hostage taking” by the narcissist personality and parental alienation scenarios. I just finished writing an ebook to help get this information out to parents. NO MORE HOSTAGES SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE TITLE. But I went with something a little easier to find on internet searches!

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