Attorney’s Keep Your Sanity and Your Clients!

Attorneys, do you have clients that call you all hours of the day and night? Do you have clients who are spinning out of control with you and their ex? Do you have clients that want you 24/7, but you know they can’t sustain that level of involvement or the financial costs associated with that scenario? Do you have clients so distraught they are barely able to communicate or comprehend your advice? Are you losing clients because you are unable to return calls? Or what about the opposite scenario. Do you have clients struggling with paperwork, returning paperwork, making decisions or returning your calls?

Keep your clients and your sanity using Custody Calculations Divorce Coach Services. Get a leg up on your competition and satisfy your clients using our services. See what a difference we can make in your practice to you and in providing services to your clients. Clients pay us directly. We can even review, edit and write emails for clients, to you and their ex. Avoiding and heading off issues in advance of the problems in some cases. What do you have to lose?

Custody Calculations, Divorce Coach and Divorce Boot Camp discourages clients from representing themselves and encourages the use of competent legal representation. We help clients recognize that they need to maintain legal representation for the long haul and not use all of their financial assets at the commencement of their divorce.

We can also help keep clients on task and not spin you or their case in a hundred directions at once. We can help client reduce, stop or document issues for court to eliminate the he said/she said scenarios. Helping you and your client in and out of court.

Clients frustrated at the lack of progress or because they don’t receive return calls want to fire their attorneys . We explain why that is not good for them or their case.

We help clients recognize what your role as their attorney is. Which is the legal termination of their divorce, not their life coach, parenting instructor, counselor, or therapist. So while you, as their attorney handles court issues, trials, legal briefs, communications between attorneys, we can help with nearly everything else, referring them to additional resources if necessary.

We can work with or without the umbrella of attorney client privilege. Upon confirmation of services, we will ask you for a letter authorizing us to communicate with your client. In this manner we can protect all communications, emails, texts from being subpoena by opposing counsel. Or not. The option is yours.

Plans start as low as $99.00 an hour. Monthly flat fee available for only $250.00 for ten hours. Or our Premium Service for a monthly fee of $350.00 for ten hours or $150.00 an hour for services during and off hours and weekends. Upgrade services at any time.

Services available by text, email, fax or telephone. Services available nationally. International clients who live outside US but are dealing with US courts, services are also available.

For additional information on these and other services, email us at or call our hot line at 702-675-5120.

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