Is the issue of lifetime spousal support appropriate for ten years of marriage?

Just like 14 years old is the magic number to effect a change in custody, because children can say they wish to live with the other parent, so goes the number 10. 10 years being the magic number to receive life time spousal support. Which may explain why some spouses “hold on” until they reach the 10 year mark. Just ask Kobe Bryant’s wife, why she waited….


In speaking to several attorneys one of them said, that only recently one of their clients was attending their 10 year anniversary dinner with their spouse when they were served their divorce papers.


The story is not exclusive to just one attorney and one case in California. But occurs frequently across the country in many states that have similar laws, celebrities and non celebrities alike.


While some states have or are starting to explore a change in state laws regarding child support and alimony most states have not made any changes or even begun the conversation. So what is your opinion?


Is the issue of life time spousal support appropriate for ten years of marriage or should support be tied to number of years married up to or until 20 or 25 years of marriage and age?


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2 thoughts on “Is the issue of lifetime spousal support appropriate for ten years of marriage?

  1. Men's Equality

    I’m not a fan of spousal support lasting longer than the marriage. I’m also not a fan of advanced educational degrees being considered “community property,” as they are New York. I don’t think that an award of *speculative* income is fair or equitable. Some of the marriage-dissolution laws would be considered unconscionable if they were applied to Contract Law. The state’s attempts to compensate for the emotional casualties of divorce go way beyond what’s reasonable.

    • custodycalculations

      I agree that the issue of alimony/spousal support laws are outdated and no longer appropriate in most circumstances. However, there may be some limited exceptions that would need to be addressed through updated legislation. There is momentum in many states to change legislation on these issues, but certainly it will take several years before the change will be felt in each state.

      Additionally, the same can also be said regarding child support. I would even go one step further and say that if a parent is being denied the ability to see their child or children, that child support should be frozen until custody and visitation occurs without interruption as ordered by the courts. Also that as a penalty that the amount of child support that was frozen would not given to the parent that withheld custody but be returned to the injured party.

      This is not a gender issue, although men have/continue to be the primarily party being blocked/denied custody, women too are paying child support and women too are being denied custody and visitation.

      Regardless none of these scenarios is acceptable and the laws need to be reflective of the times and circumstances of today’s society on both financial issues, spousal support and child support.

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