Parental Alienation Awareness Day, April 25, 2012

Recently I was approached by Anna Tivade to write a speech that would be read in New Jersey at an event recognizing Parental Alienation Awareness Day.


My statements;


As a retired law enforcement officer my perspective of the issues surrounding Parental Alienation, Parental Alienation Syndrome and Hostile and Aggressive Parenting as it is also becoming known as, is far more invasive, with a much wider reach than is recognized by many professionals and non professionals alike who argue over it’s existence or lack of existence.


Having been on the forefront of the effects of this terrible issue, responding to radio calls dealing with custody and related issues, I spent ten years researching the issues of Family Law after identifying nearly 25% of all crime in this country may be related to divorce and the divorce process. To put just one of those numbers into perspective that is nearly 4,000 homicides a year related to divorce.


I and my company, Custody Calculations, are committed to stopping the destructive behavior that separates children from one parent or the other and impedes the ability of children to have a loving relationship with both of their parents.


I am also dedicated to raising the awareness of the many forms that this terrible type of behavior takes on. This includes false child abuse investigations, withholding custody, violation of court orders, violation of restraining orders, kidnapping, homicides, suicides, domestic violence, child abuse, stalking and many of the other actions that involve high conflict divorces.


While I cannot be present with you today, I congratulate all of you for your participation in this very important event.


I also wish to recognize the founder and the organization that was instrumental in making this day an activity not celebrated here in New Jersey but has been responsible for making this an event celebrated worldwide, Parental Alienation Awareness Organization and founder Sarvy Emo. Thank you Sarvy and to the many others whose names are not known but have contributed to make this day possible.


I also wish to recognize the passing of a great pioneer on this issue Dr. Jayne Major who recently died after a long battle with cancer. Jayne fought hard to educate parents,the courts and attorneys on the issue of PA, PAS, and HAP. Thank you Jayne, you will be missed.


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