Family Law is Facing a Bloodbath in Budget Cuts

The Presiding Judge of Los Angeles Superior Court, recently met with attorneys, mediators, forensic accountants, and minors counsel regarding the impact of budget cuts on Family Law in the County of Los Angeles as California deals with a 118 million deficit.

70 million will be cut through attrition with another 40 million to come in court closures and layoffs. Layoffs will affect County Commissioners, some who have held their positions for twenty years, Judge Pro Tems, clerks, and other staff personnel.

Burbank courts will be closed and cases moved to Los Angeles downtown courthouse and Pasadena. However that said, three courtrooms in Los Angeles will be closed so the back log will only increase. As a result of the increased overload all jury trials scheduled commencing in July have been canceled and rescheduled for 2013.

San Francisco was already reporting that new cases would not be heard for five years. The rest of the state and all across the nation news regarding Family Law courts is reporting the same.

Bad news inside the courtroom will only result in more bloodshed outside the courtroom. As frustration increases, and no resolution in sight, families are going to go critical to a level not previously witnessed in this country.

Forcing change upon the courts that might not have been possible before, might be possible now.

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One thought on “Family Law is Facing a Bloodbath in Budget Cuts

  1. John

    Thank you for clicking my Follow button. I assume you read my post on just finishing up 14 years of child support, having never missed one month. Good reading here. Thanks!

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