The Ultimate Divorce Coach Services Giveaway


I’m excited to be able to offer one hour of free services in the Ultimate Divorce Coach Services Giveaway .

Not sure what a Divorce Coach can do for you.? Then enter our sweepstakes and see for yourself. Five people will win one hour of free Divorce Coach Services. Services good throughout the US, Canada, and Europe*.

*Services applicable if you live abroad but your ex spouse and children are living in the US and you are dealing with US courts.

To obtain more information on Divorce Coach Services and Divorce Boot Camp and how we can help you navigate the divorce process, to make better decisions, fewer mistakes.

A retired law enforcement officer, I spent ten years in research of Family Law in development of company services. A prior board member of PAAO and past president of Stop Parental Alienation of Children I was also an associate of the late Dr. Jayne Major. For information/solutions you won’t find anywhere else go to or call us at 702-375-9389.

Here are the rules:

Here is how it works. Pretty simple actually, go to our Facebook page, Custody Calculations and Catherine MacWillie and “Like Us” on each screen.

You get one entry for liking each of Facebook page. I get a notification when you do this so you don’t need to do anything else.

If you’re an existing subscriber or Facebook fan, just leave a comment “Ultimate Divorce Coach Services Giveaway” to be entered in the contest.

The giveaway runs until midnight July 5, 2012. That’s nine days. Winners drawn randomly.

Winner must must respond to my “You’re the winner” email within 72 hours.

You should also consider subscribing to my blog. WordPress, Custody Calculations and my Facebook page. My blog is where you’ll find stories and interviews, my Facebook page is where I’ll be sharing useful articles , comments and must-reads I come across.

Now a word of caution … if you are at all concerned about your privacy, maybe you and your STBX still share an email account or you share an email account with your children, get your own private email.

You will need it anyway and there are lots of free services like Gmail or Hotmail. When you leave a comment you will need to leave your email address but that’s not visible to other readers, only me. And please select a user name that isn’t easily identifiable as you.


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