Who Knew! Mrs. Tom Cruise Surprises Everyone

Katie Holmes may not of the same caliber/equal to that of her husband in her acting abilities but today she has certainly left a mark on Hollywood and the whole country for that matter just as big as his with the well planned, perfectly executed divorce settlement that she, her family and legal team obtained.

In a matter of days and weeks, Katie Holmes brought to a conclusion what could have been a very nasty, very public and protracted divorce. A feat that is rarely accomplished by even the most wealthy, educated and well known of celebrities who have access to any number of attorneys and resources in this country and even abroad.

By this one act she has demonstrated that divorce does not have to be this gut retching, horrific, devastating, crash and burn process that takes years to extract yourself from financially, emotionally and physically, which is how most people describe their divorce.

Instead she proved the importance of strategy and planning. Know what to expect, being well informed and having good advisers so that you make the right decisions at the right time and not lose focus of the end goal/result.

Don’t think because you don’t have the same assets, wealth, issues as famous celebrities that you can’t afford resources. Let me give you an example of what why you can’t afford to go into divorce now without a plan, without a strategy.

This is a real scenario. $150,000 in legal fees was paid out during a divorce with no outcome. One of our resources, obtained a settlement in 90 days. Custody Calculations is not a law firm, our resources work with your attorney for an outcome based on a strategy, based on a plan and a desired outcome.

Too late, too little. How much would you have done differently in your divorce if you knew then what you know now is what is so often repeated when clients come to us late in the process.

There are alternatives to the current process we have in place now and utilized by most attorneys; which is litigation, court appearance , litigation, court appearance etc. A process that is going to be nearly possible to continue with budget cuts, lay offs and court closures occurring all across the country in Family Law.

Let us put together a team for you, so that you spend less, and get on with your life.

A retired law enforcement officer with nearly 24 years of experience, and now CEO of Custody Calculations with coaching services and boot camp seminars we help clients negotiate the divorce process with more information, more resources and more access to those resources. Many of them cutting edge so that clients can go on with their lives, take care of their children sooner than thought possible.

We have a plan to fit nearly any budget. To obtain a free consultation contact us at702-675-5120 or visit us on the web CustodyCalculations.com


2 thoughts on “Who Knew! Mrs. Tom Cruise Surprises Everyone

    • custodycalculations

      Many people are quite surprised and in some cases shocked by the information and impact that we provide on the many issues dealing with Family Law. Don’t forget to check out our newly launched series titled “Open Letter To The Family Law Court System”

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