Your Not In Kansas Anymore; Free Workshops on Divorce at Community Churches, Los Angeles Area




I am offering to provide to churches and other groups at no cost a 4 part workshop dealing with the divorce process and related issues. The workshop is being provided as a service to the the following communities without charge.

Information in the one hour workshops is designed to assist families to go forward in a way that is less harmful to their children and to them. This also includes families without children.

Information will help facilitate better decisions based upon a more thorough understanding of what is involved, including options and resources that individuals may not be aware of.

Topics include but are not limited to; Not Your Parents Divorce, Family Law In Today’s Economy, How Much/How Long, Controlling Your Legal Fees, Success or Tragedy/Your Choice, Drama/Devastation, I Didn’t Know! You’re Not in Kansas Anymore/Parenting During Divorce, Breakdown of Costs/Experts/Resources, Actual Scenarios, How to Reduce/Stop/Document for Court.

I am 24 year law enforcement officer, now retired, and CEO of Custody Calculations, who wishes to give back and teach on an issue that is so devastating/traumatizing to children and families. Information may even provide the catalyst to a family making the decision to work towards keeping the marriage/family intact as an alternative to divorce.

If you would like your church or community group to provide this important resource for families and children, or would like to host the workshop please email me at with any questions you may have. For additional information please visit the web site,

Communities at this time include La Crescenta, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Glendora, Azusa, Monrovia, Glendora, Upland, Montclair, which are in the Los Angeles County Area of Southern California.




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