Wanted; Wealthy Investor Jaded by Divorce, Male or Female!

Just finished posting this on Craigs List/ for Las Vegas and previously for Los Angeles. Next, New York. Please feel free to re-post.


Family law courts are in crisis. In California and elsewhere 25%-40% of civil courts are closing. Pink slips at least in California have been issued to 40% of court personnel, judges and clerks alike. Unable to pay mounting legal costs, 90-95% of all cases, one or both individuals represent themselves. Calls for reform are being heard from every corner of the nation.

Leave a legacy greater than the any fortune 500 company. Invest in the only comprehensive solution capable of solving the many complex issues of divorce including high conflict cases.

Not a niche product, and not restricted to one specific region/state. A national solution! 24 years as a law enforcement officer, I spent ten years researching the issues of Family law identifying solutions for families with and without children, divorce professionals, and the courts.

A solution that allows the current system to function more effectively, close loopholes, hold individuals accountable for violation of court orders/violation of custody, prosecute for perjury, reduce number of court orders, provide privacy and more. More than even what reformers were calling for or even thought possible!

Seeking $250,000 investment. Smaller investments considered. Return identified a 5X the investment. Monies paid against 20% of company revenue after release. Act now to protect your children and grand children from this horrible fate!

Additional information not included in posting: I have to date invested $300,000 of my own monies, to fund a solution to the many issues of Family Law. Require an investor or investors to finish development.

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs not interested. I guess they are looking for larger returns and don’t see the necessity to being involved in correcting this very serious social issue.


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