Not The Twelve Days of Christmas but Twelve Reasons Why You Need a Smart Team Approach for Your Divorce!

Instead of the twelve days of Christmas, which we realize has passed, we are bringing you the twelve reasons you need a Smart Team Approach/Divorce Coach to help you with your divorce/custody issues. Including the one reason that makes this list especially important to you.


12. With so much to lose, you can no longer afford to enter the divorce process ignorant or unprepared Petitioner or Respondent. Already involved in a high conflict case? Stop bleeding money, emotions and time. Get out sooner and for less, using a Smart Team Approach.


11. In today’s divorce environment you can lose your home, job, career, your children. You can even go to jail!  Does your attorney have the capability of representing you if you are facing child abuse or domestic abuse allegations. Women listen up this applies to you too, as more women are being arrested or dealing with allegations filed by men. Anticipate and deter incidents before they occur using our Smart Team Approach/Divorce Coach services.


10. You going to spend a lot of money over the coarse of your divorce, changing attorneys, spending money on litigation that will may or may not serve you or your case well. Not including spousal support, child support, that both men and women now pay. Or you can save money and obtain a more effective approach and strategy, resources and referrals on a Smart Team Approach.  Don’t let your divorce destroy your life. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can make a difference.


09.  Do you know the warning signs when your children are being pushed to say and do things by the other parent that will endanger your relationship with them? Or what to do to help you and them cope? We do, Smart Team Approach/Divorce Coach services.


08.  Is your divorce long over, but you are still in court as much as your were prior to obtaining your divorce settlement due to custody issues? Don’t know how to stop? We do, Smart Team Approach/Divorce Coach services.


07.  Do you occasionally have questions and issues, but don’t feel they are legal questions and fall outside the scope of what an attorney provides? Then utilize our Divorce Coach services. If later you need more, we can help you with an issue that is escalating out of control. But the goal is not to prolong your fees and costs, but to get you out as soon as possible with a minimum of damage, financially and emotionally. Even when the other side is fighting to keep you in!


06.  Do you know what a Minor’s Counsel, a Parenting Evaluator, or a Parenting Coordinator is? Or what your rights are regarding these entities ? Do you know the function each of these entities might perform in your divorce? You could be spending thousands of dollars more than is necessary or taking on more than you need. We can help, use a Smart Team Approach for your divorce.


05. Did you know that you divorce records are public information? Available to your neighbor, prior/current relationship, in a new divorce proceedings or a business competitor? Has your attorney even brought up this discussion with you? If a celebrity can’t keep their divorce settlement private what chance do you have? Let our Smart Team Approach show you how to keep your settlement confidential.


04.  One simple change to court orders, can provide you some measure of privacy and control who reads what regarding your divorce and settlement? Most attorneys don’t, but we do!


03. Do you know how to minimize your legal costs or court appearances?  Again if it were that easy, any individual or attorney could do it.


02. Do you even know where to start to obtain a Katie Holmes type of divorce or if this is even possible for you? Katie Holmes settled everything in approximately ten days. We can’t guarantee ten days, but we will help you settle your divorce in as short a time period as possible and for as little as possible financially.


01. Unlike so many other legal resources, we know you don’t have a money tree in your backyard growing the funds you need to handle your divorce. Or access to unlimited funds. We want to get you out for less. We want to help you make better decisions, fewer mistakes no matter where you are in the process, so you can go on with your life, take care of yourself and your children. Even without custody issues, divorce can be difficult and expensive. We can help with the big picture and the small details.


Our Smart Team Approach is comprised of retired law enforcement officers, with a knowledge and understanding of the court system, civil litigation, strategy and new concepts of thinking outside the box. The result of ten years of research into Family Law.


We bring a unique approach, resources and referrals to the divorce process, so that you can get out for less; financially, emotionally, and physically. With access to more resources, when and where you need it, including Dr. Amy Baker  and other experts, financials, real estate etc, Smart Team Approach for your divorcing needs. Contact us for a free consultation 702-675-5120. Weekends and after hours available.


Spare your children and yourself the trauma and devastation of divorce with a Smart Team Approach. Services and resources vary. Services available nationally. Communication with client by phone, fax, text messages, video conferencing, personal appointments not necessary but available upon request.


To learn more call for a free consultation 702-675-5120. Weekends and after hours available. Follow us on Twitter, Like Us on Face Book, find us on LinkedIn, You Tube, My Space.


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    Good attorneys will likely be honest that they are not tax experts or business valuation experts or emotional health experts…and they will provide you with a list of good referrals to true experts in those fields.

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