Didn’t Know. Keeping Your Divorce Settlement Confidential

Below are Twitter postings for the week ending January 13, 2013, regarding keeping your divorce settlement confidential.

Most individuals are unaware that their divorce information is public. Viewable by their children as adults, neighbors, a new relationship a business competitor or anyone else looking for information.

Keeping that settlement private is something that most attorneys never discuss with their clients, because they know that with few exceptions court will not seal your documents. We know how to keep your divorce settlement private without involving the courts.

What else don’t you know?  702-675-5120 Free consultation. We work with you and your attorney to protect you in a way that is unique in divorce proceedings. Get out sooner with less devastation using our services with competent legal counsel. Flat Monthly Fee Programs to fit nearly any budget.

Significant assets? Potential for high conflict divorce? Obtain a Katie Holmes divorce for just a little more money. We are unique in the field of divorce. Comprised of retired law enforcement officers taking a corporate litigated approach to divorce. We only sound expensive.


Dog Whisperer host finalized divorce. Must pay ex $23,000 a month. Bet he wishes his attorneys had kept this private. Should have involved us.

Divorce records are public. Do you know how to keep your info private? Does your attorney? We do/can show your attorney how. Divorce Coach.

Your a CEO/celebrity/someone who for business/personal reasons wants to keep divorce terms confidential. Call us. We know how.

Court rarely seals divorce records. We can show you how to keep final divorce terms confidential. Divorce Coach.

Are you a CEO, a celebrity or just someone who wants to keep your divorce terms confidential. We can show you how. Divorce Coach.

Celebrities have their records viewed by tabloids faster than they can file them. Want to change that! Divorce Coach.

Are you a CEO who feels your business would be compromised by your divorce. Keep your records confidential w/o involving the courts. Call us Divorce Coach.

Are you a CEO who feels your business would be compromised by your divorce settlement? Keep your records confidential.

Do you want your biz competitors to learn the details of your divorce? Surprising how few attorneys know how to keep confidential.

Surprising # of wealthy whose divorce records are open to the public. Easy to correct. Call us/have attorney call us. Divorce Coach. Ret COP

Hulk Hogan/Sandra Bullock had to go back to court/quiet ex’s. Should be divorce 101 for a celebrity. Divorce Coach. It is for our clients!



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