Facebook Posting. A Win/Win Scenario in Divorce. Doesn’t That Sound Like An Oxymoron

We posted the following on Facebook today, January 16, 2013.


A parent who only occasionally contacts us, called frantic, anxiety ridden, desperate. They said that to save money, they were obtaining documents requested by their attorney instead of paying their attorney to do the task. They were unable to obtain the documents without a long delay.
They were dealing with a time sensitive issue.


We told them what to do and how to proceed so that they could provide documents within 24 hours to their attorney and deal with the remaining documents on a later schedule. Allowing their attorney to move forward on their case.

Instead of calling their attorney and spending $350.00 they didn’t have to explain the problem, and ask their attorney how to solve it, we spent ten minutes with them and didn’t charge them anything. They hung up the phone, with piece of mind and a better understanding of the entire situation. They are now getting their first real rest in a very long time.

Attorneys don’t realize how something so simple to them can overwhelm their clients who do not know the system, do not understand what is being asked of them, or are afraid to answer incorrectly. Obtaining documents, filling out forms etc.

We build a relationship with our clients so that they call us before they call their attorney and after. We prepare them for the call so they spend less time, are more focused spend less time and money speaking to their attorney. After the call to their attorney we explain to them what/why attorney is asking them for something. How to go about dealing with the request and how to do it in as simple a format as possible. All for a fraction of the cost that they would spend on their attorney.


Their attorney gets a better client and the case runs smoother. The client is not overwhelmed and is able to keep their legal fees under control.


More importantly, the client is able to make better decisions on everything, not drained by each and every action. Better decisions, fewer mistakes. A win/win scenario.



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