Unknown/Known Bias by Judges in Family Law Effecting Rulings. Yes/No?

Here is a list of my recent postings on my Twitter account January 23, 2013, Custody Calculations/CEOMacWillie.

Future of divorce court should involve the ability to identify bias of particular region, courthouse, or judge for better rulings. Yes/No

Question. Does divorce court have an unknown bias supporting remarried couples over single parents? Your thoughts…..

I wonder what divorce court would say, if accused of a bias/supporting parents who remarry over a single parent. Your thoughts?

What if we could tell a specific judge divorce court they had bias unaware of/correct so they made better rulings. This future is possible!

We have a pretty good idea what the future looks like for divorce court or what it could look like. What is your vision?

The following is an additional comment that the company,
Custody Calculations, posted on Facebook regarding the above issues.

In all of the discussions dealing with divorce reform, we are the only company that has addressed the need to identify that judges may have a bias that is unknown even to them. At least to my knowledge.

Bias does effects the position of the court and bias does effect judgment and rulings on individual cases. As a result, outcomes may be different than should have been based on evidence and testimony if the judge had known of their bias or was confront with prior knowledge of their bias. Finally, that bias would/does hurt families.

The future is not as difficult or far from being possible as currently considered.


2 thoughts on “Unknown/Known Bias by Judges in Family Law Effecting Rulings. Yes/No?

  1. Laurie

    I know the Judge was biased in my case. She included SSD payments in my income that were in our minor childs name and then included that amount in her calculations for payment of alimony to my husband who had forced me and our son to leave our home. I recieved no child support. I had no funds to pay for an attorney. She assumed I had left because my former husband had MS. I was not able to tell why I had left at the Pendite lite alimony hearing, and her action caused me to have to work two jobs and forced me to agree to a divorce settlement that I did not understand. I wanted it to just stop, and the Judge refused to accept she had made a mistake. SSD payments according to federal law, are never to be co mingled with a parents income, alimony or anything other than used for the care of the child who they belong too. I have learned more than I ever wanted to about Judges, courts and lawyers than I ever wanted to. All too late now, but I am thankful I never lost custody of my son through it all, he was with me. He refused to live with his father who had emotionally (and physically) abused him. That is what was the most painful about being ordered to pay alimony using the SSD payments. It added insult upon insult for me considering I was trying to protect our son. I appreciate finding this blog and that someone is finally doing something to right so many years of “wrongs” for families and mostly for children. thank you. Laurie in MD.

    • custodycalculations

      Laurie, I apologize for the delay in responding to your comment, which was caused while I work to assist my clients.

      I am very sorry for what happened to you and your son.

      Yes, you are very fortunate to have maintained custody, especially in light of what occurred to you.

      So many mistakes are made in Family Law even with attorneys but even more with persons who are forced to represent themselves. So many parents call me saying that they had no understanding of the impact of their decisions during mediation.

      It is a repeating theme. With so many agencies seek reform and so many families working for reform, I am hopeful that some corrections will soon be seen on a growing scale in many states and eventually in all.

      Again, I am sorry for all that happened to you and your son.


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