Want to Know Why a Divorce Coach, Retired Cop, Bunny Ears, Clown Nose are Involved in a Divorce/Custody Case?

Here is something that you are never going to hear an attorney say to their client, “I want you to buy some big rabbit ears and a big red clown nose.”

The next time you speak to the children I want you to wear that clown nose and funny ears to make your children smile and giggle when you are speaking to them via Skype.” But that is exactly what we said to one of our clients!

Our client was struggling to keep their children speaking during Skype calls. The calls were getting shorter with each contact. The answers were down to one or two syllables by the children. The parent was becoming more desperate.

For the next Skype call, I had the client keep their cell phone on so that I could hear the conversation. I also had them wear an ear piece so that I could provide the parent with for the children questions and keep the conversation going. . . . positively.

The parent more animated, was able to hurdle some of the barriers placed in front of them by the children during the call. Not a lot of progress. But some. And the client. Well, the client got help in a way they never imaged.

The next call, the parent is going to wear the bunny ears and clown nose. The call after that something different. And ever so slowly the children and the client will rebuild their relationship, with humor and laughter and trust.

Custody Calculations. Divorce Coach, Divorce Workshops. We are different! Call for yourself. Consultations are free 702-675-5120.

Available most weekends and evenings. Retainers not necessary in a majority of cases. Flat Fee Programs and hourly rates begin for as little as $99.00 and hour.


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