Divorce Coach, Our Clients Save $150 – $250 Each Hour They Speak To Us

Here is a list of my recent postings on my Twitter account Thursday, February 07, 2013, Custody Calculations/CEOMacWillie


Atty said never worked w/Divorce Coach before. Said client would never have finished divorce or managed the case as easily without us.


Another attorney we are working with never heard of Divorce Coach. Said coordinating with parent on the case has never been easier.


Our Divorce Coach services may be the best thing that ever happened to law firms and single practice attorney.


Each hour client spends with our, Divorce Coach services, client saves $150-$250. Increases ability to keep/pay attorney on the case.


Interviewed by Wash lobbyist on the possibility, no fly list for children of divorce because of unique background, knowledge, resources.


Received call fm Europe. Parent dealing US courts where other parent/children now live. Confused by court system, already on second atty.


Newest client lives in the East, children West Coast.After 9 attys, parents working directly w/each other on custody/other issues w/our help


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