Are You Or Someone You Know Dealing With False Child Abuse Allegations?

Have you been




Or do you know someone this has happened to? Sometimes in contested divorce situations, one party will pursue a false child abuse charge in order to gain leverage in Court, custody disputes, and with the children. The International Support Network of Alienated Families* (ISNAF) is hosting a workshop to help these families deal with the issue of false allegations.


Saturday, May 4th, 1:00 – 4:00pm, El Segundo School District building on 641 Sheldon Street, El Segundo 90245.


Advance purchase price is $35 before May 1st. To register: $40 after May 1st and at the door.


Catherine MacWillie, a former law enforcement officer with in depth knowledge of Parental Alienation will be presenting a workshop on dealing with FALSE child abuse allegations in a divorce and custody situation. Some of the topics Catherine will address are:

    • How to defend/protect oneself from being FALSELY accused especially in cases of multiple or repeated allegations.

    • How to navigate the system during the investigation, law enforcement and DCSF interviews, court testimony and after, including implications of numerous FALSE allegations.

    • How to reduce/stop the accusers from filing FALSE child abuse allegations.

    • There will also be a Q & A and networking period.

Catherine began researching the issues when as a law enforcement officer she noticed the correlation between crime statistics, such as homicides, suicides, abductions, child abuse, domestic violence, violation of court orders, stalking and many other crimes and their relevance to Family Law.


Now retired after 24 years of service from the Los Angeles Police Department, she is able to bring a unique perspective to the issues of Family Law. The combination of her work experience as a prior first responder to child abuse investigations, working with detectives and patrols as well as her extensive research enables her to offer a very salient viewpoint to the divorce process that is different from other divorce professionals.


Catherine has continued to be actively involved in other issues related to Family Law including Parental Alienation, both as a prior board member of Parental Alienation (PAAO) as well as prior President of Stop Parental Alienation of Children (SPAC) in which she was able to assist families with alienation issues. She was also a presenter at the 2013 the International Support Network for Alienated Families (ISNAF) Conference on Parental Alienation.




Catherine MacWillie is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Custody Calculations, Calendars & Orders. A company that provides professional services to the divorce industry such as divorce attorneys, guardian ad litem’s, minors counsel, therapists, counselors, families and individuals.

*ISNAF is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing support, resources, and education to the community as well as promoting awareness and advocacy work. ISNAF believes “Every child deserve to love BOTH parents”. For more information on ISNAF please visit or contact George Ross, CEO, at (310)487-0881 or


One thought on “Are You Or Someone You Know Dealing With False Child Abuse Allegations?

  1. Paul

    Reblogged this on Public Lies and commented:
    False accusations of abuse ARE abuse and the litigation options for victims within the Family courts and Criminal courts is unacceptable. People who knowingly make these false claims need to be punished.

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