When Divorce Corp premiered in San Diego on January 10, 2014, I was there as a guest of the director, Joe Sorge. I was part of three panelists presenting to the audience after the film on the impact of divorce. A retired law enforcement officer for approximately 24 years and now a Divorce Coach, I have been dealing with Family Law for 32 plus years

Joe does a great job with the film but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The impact of Family Law is so far more invasive affecting every fiber of our social structure; everything from financial markets, loans, credit cards, bankruptcy to police, schools, social services, real estate, hospitals, emergency rooms, workman’s compensation. Businesses are dealing with violence in the workplace, civil and criminal lawsuits related to the divorces/custody fights of their employees. These are just a few examples of the impact of Family Law and it is getting worse every year.

The percentage of crime in this country related to divorce and custody may be 25%. The homicide numbers alone are approximately 3,500 – 4,000 homicides a year related to Family Law. The numbers vary over a ten year period. From child abuse, domestic violence and children left at school, police respond. To verbal and physical fights in homes, streets, restaurants, baseball, basketball, football games on fields and at schools, police respond.

Only recently the parent responsible for the largest mass shooting in the history of Orange County distraught over a court ruling was sentenced. They had entered the place of business, a hair salon, where the other parent worked and shot and killed 7 persons. A parent attempting suicide despondent over their pending divorce/custody was responsible for a train derailment in Los Angeles. 15 persons lost their lives. The parent jumped clear of their vehicle just moments before the train struck them, but was unable to restart and move their vehicle from the tracks causing the derailment. They were convicted and the case is currently under appeal when last I checked.

As parents seek the ultimate retribution and revenge against the other parent children are being murdered by their own parents. One of the more famous cases is in Australia where the parent was dubbed the Facebook Killer. The parent bragged that about the killing their daughter and depriving the other parent of the child on Facebook. The other parent saw the posting and called police, but it was too late. Their young daughter was dead. There isn’t too much I haven’t seen or learned over my ten years of research or seen in the last 30 years.



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    Divorce Corp truly was/is the tip of the iceberg. Those of us embroiled in such painful, endless cruelty and abuses are rendered helpless, in one way or another, to help our children while communities around us putter around seemingly unaware of the suffering. Though I am well aware Divorce Corp did not even scratch the surface with the many angles and issues regarding corrupt courts, professionals, money trails, and the bitter “ex’s” who utilize these to carry out their own agendas of abuse, I am grateful to the creators of Divorce Corp for putting a foot soundly in the door and opening up these discussions. I can only hope and pray for a Divorce Corp 2, 3, 4, 5, etc…. ALL of the varying issues and stories CAN and WILL be publicized and addressed. I pray sooner than later.
    Still A Mother in Mississippi

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