Help for Divorced Parents This Holiday Season by Top Experts

Please join me, Catherine MacWillie, along with other experts, Dr. Rebecca Bailey, Dr. Joshua Coleman, Dr. Steven Miller, Dr. J. Michael Bone, Dr. John Killinger on December 13, 2015, for a very special call.
This international conference call will be quite different and unique in helping parents through this extremely difficult holiday season. If you want help in coping, please make this a priority to be on this call.
Each guest speaker will take 20 minutes to give their expert advice and knowledge for coping with the holidays.
This free call is made possible through the efforts of International Support Network of Alienated Families and Families Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights and comprised and supported by a volunteer staff of alienated parents. Which is why I do all I can to support their work as do many other professionals.
At the end of the call, parents will have the option of participating in a candle ceremony and light candles together in unity for families dealing with alienation and the upcoming year.
This call will be Skyped as well for those of you in other countries who do not have access to calling into the US. I encourage you to join us as alienation is a worldwide epidemic. There will be no questions for this call.
To register, please email You are encouraged to share this post on all your Facebook pages or any other social media you may use. We already have over 200 registered for this call. Thank you.

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