10,500 Suicides A Year May Be Related to Divorce and Custody Issues

Approximately 10,500 suicides a year occur in this county related to divorce and custody. Even more disturbing is that this number includes children who commit suicide due to their parents divorce and ongoing custody issues. What would you  give to change this?

Issues begin with small issues, inability to focus, remain alert, depression. For adults it may result in loss of employment, loss of promotions at work, manufacturing errors, missed deadlines, inability to meet financial obligations etc. For children failure to perform in school, loss of peer support and relationships, withdrawal from social contact and activities etc.

image sign maybe suicide is the answer may 2016

Issues may not be readily apparent and may occur in varying degrees of severity. In high conflict divorce and custody issues, the pain may become so great that they would do anything to make it stop even if they are a child. And they do the unthinkable taking their own lives. There is little recognition of suicide related to divorce and even less of children who commit suicide due to divorce and custody.



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