A Touring Cyber Wall Dealing With The Devastation of Divorce and Custody Process

3,500 – 4,000 homicides

75,000 abductions

10,500 suicides

80,000 child abuse investigations

55,000 domestic violence reports men and women

82,5000 stalking reports

1 billion spent in restraining orders

These are just some of the statistics of Family Law each year in this country. Little is known or understood in or out of the system on these issue or their ripple effect through our social infrastructure. In fact, Family Law may be responsible for 25% of the crime in the United States. Law enforcement does not track causative factors of crime so we cannot factually say this percentage is correct. But based on other factors this is a best guess. In fact these numbers may be too conservative and the percentages may be much higher.

Custody Calculations wants to change that and raise awareness of the tragic consequences of our current divorce and custody process in the United States and abroad with a touring cyber wall. The wall will contain the names of parents and children who have lost a loved one due to shootings, stabbings, suicide, abductions, domestic violence, violation of restraining orders, violation of court orders, stalking or lost custody and more.

Much like the Vietnam War Memorial brought healing and recognition to the war so we hope to bring change and awareness to the Family Law. No  matter what your budget is you can help participate to bring about change in a very different way than has been approached before dealing with Family Law.

We have begun the process of collecting contributions to help with this process by visiting our store click here. Scroll down to Cyber Wall. Sponsorship’s for agencies, organizations and individuals will be available and should email me directly for additional information Catherine@CustodyCalculations. This project is under development and we are still sorting out details. More information to follow.


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