Social Media, Emails and Texts – A Toxic Combination During Divorce

image page cover magazine feb 2016

Take a first look at our new e-magazine providing information to families dealing with divorce and custody issues for pennies on the dollar.

Designed for the busy family with and without children on a tight budget. Great design and great graphics. Short read, easy comprehension, finish in one sitting. Go over as many times as you need whenever you need to.

Each e/magazine is dedicated to a specific subject and varies in size. Our first magazine is 33 pages cover to cover “Social Media, Emails and Texts – A Toxic Combination During Divorce.” Chapters include What You Post Can And Will Be Used Against You, Was That Photograph Really Worth Your Custody? Judge Orders Couples To Exchange Facebook Passwords and More.

Future topics include; Technology During Divorce. Parallel Parenting and Why Co-Parenting May Not Be the Right Choice for Your Family. Dealing with Social Services And The Police And Why you May Want to Hold Off From Making That Call. International Abduction Risk Factors and What You Need to Know. Restraining Orders. Dealing with False Child Abuse Allegations. Not necessarily in that order and that is just to begin with!

E/magazines may be purchased separately and delivered electronically to your inbox. We are slashing prices on all e/magazines are $9.99 so parents can get the information they need on a budget they can afford. Or parents may wish to subscribe for only $27.99 a year. E/magazines are published on a quarterly basis. Decide what works best for your time, circumstances and budget To visit our store now click here.

Custody Calculations is a Public Benefits Corporation, a portion of all proceeds provides limited pro bono services to families.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media, Emails and Texts – A Toxic Combination During Divorce

    • Custody Calculations

      Barbara, Much of the time this information can be recovered by a forensic investigator, not always but most of the time. Additionally, an attorney can seek a court order to take the computer, laptop or cell phone for review directly after court by a third party who accompanies a person to their residence. Removing this possibility.

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