Be Part of Something Much Larger and Reshape What You Thought Was Possible in Divorce

So you missed Amazon, Google or even Apple as an investment. But you have another chance to get a great return and do something good to protect your children’s future! After several years as a successful Divorce Coach a handful of my clients invested in an internet service I developed as a result of my 32 years experience dealing with Family Law. 24 of that as an law enforcement officer responding to radio calls dealing with custody and divorce issues and first responder to child abuse investigations etc. 10 years research dealing with Family Law. The last 8 years as a Divorce Coach. The services are a type of TurboTax for divorce that is also patent protected. Services will be available nationally even internationally to families, divorce professionals and the courts. Services exceed on a much wider scope what is currently available through smaller local programs in California and elsewhere. Many of the services are a first for Family Law and were never thought possible previously. Which is why they are patent protected. We are approximately 6-8 weeks from finishing production and launching. If you are an officer, in the military, fire department, or other county or state employee you know the risk divorce poses to your employment or promotions. As spouses or partners seek to use internal complaint process to file allegations to gain an advantage in custody or other divorce issues. Including restraining orders, false allegations of domestic abuse and child abuse. Protect yourself and your children from this process and invest in change. email me with questions  or to obtain a copy of our investor contract or call me direct at 702-675-5120.


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