Stop Co-Parenting and Move On With Your Life!

Parents spend years being frustrated by the other parent, extending the pain and frustration of the divorce and the custody issues in trying to co-parent. Costing parents more in legal fees, followed by more court dates, more violation of court orders and further damaging children under this premise that parents need to co-parent. Parents absolutely do not and should be forced to co-parent.

Co-parenting is a failure by the system and divorce professionals to recognize the obvious. These parents are getting a divorce and they don’t agree on anything. This is not about loving the children enough to get along. Especially in highly litigated, aggressive, blocking, non compliant and interfering behavior.

In parental alienation cases one parent is the aggressor and the other parent no matter how compliant and willing to work with the other parent, cannot control what the other parent does and does not do. The more compliant parent needs an alternative if they are going to survive as a parent and have any sort of life after their divorce when custody is involved.

Which is why I tell parents – stop trying to co-parent There is a better alternative called yes – you got it parallel parenting.  It is simply the best possible alternative in these situations.  Actually in nearly every situation in my experience dealing with divorce and custody issues. Because it allows each parent to parent without the other and to make decisions for the children separate from the other parent when they have custody of the children. Which was the goal in getting a divorce in the first place for many families.

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