Never Lose Custody Because They Say You are Not Suitable to Co-Parent!!

Only today another parent posted on social media that they lost custody because they were told that they were not suitable to co-parent with the other parent. A story repeated everyday in this country all too often.

There is a myth that co-parenting is the only option for families of divorce. There have been so many bad decisions and devastation caused by this one issue when there is absolutely an alternative.

Never lose custody to this argument again. Present an alternative to co-parenting that is specifically geared to facilitate better parenting ~ separate from the other parent where children are the real benefactors. Dealing with all levels of divorce amicable to hostile known as parallel parenting.

Recently, I provided an interview on parallel parenting with attorney Vincent W. Davis on his show Talk Radio Experts. A long time attorney in Family and CPS law the show was “Why Co-Parenting May Not Be The Right Choice for Your Family.” Attorney Davis said that even with all of his experience he had never heard of parallel parenting and immediately saw the benefits for his clients and their children.

After the interview one of the listeners posted on the show comments “I went from wanting to have a breakdown to being happy and enjoying life again with my child just by enforcing some parallel parenting.”

No matter where you are in the process you do not need a court order to begin using parallel parenting. You can implement parallel parenting on your own. To hear the interview on parallel parenting with attorney Vincent W. Davis go to this link

To pre-order your copy of “Parallel Parenting and Why Co-Parenting May Not Be the Right Choice for Your Family” go to our website Custody Navigate to store on the menu button and go to the drop down on E/Magazines.

Here are just a few of the chapters in our magazine; Does Parallel Parenting Plans Affect Joint Physical Custody? The Higher The Conflict Level, The Greater The Structure, Five Reasons One Parent Choose Parallel Parenting Over Co-Parenting and More. Worried that you won’t be able to do this on your own, overwhelmed, and fearful of he learning curve, one on one coaching is also available.

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Catherine MacWillie is the CEO of Custody Calculations and a Child Custody and Divorce Coach. She has 32 years experience dealing with Family Law. 24 years as a law enforcement officer responding to radio calls dealing with divorce and custody issues and a first responder to child abuse investigations in addition to other related assignments. She spent ten years researching Family Law and divorce including cause, effect, impact, solutions to the many issues that arise during divorce and custody proceedings. The last eight years as a Coach.

She is the past president of Stop Parental Alienation of Children. A prior board member of Parental Alienation Awareness Organization. An advisory board member of International Support Network of Alienated Families. A member of Parental Alienation Study Group. A member of the 2014 Parental Alienation Colloquium, Long Beach, California. A member of the 2016 Parental Alienation Think Tank, Beverly Hills, California.

In 2017 her research on divorce, crime and parental alienation will be presented in Prague, Czechoslovakia at the International Academy of Law and Mental Health (IALMH) a prestigious event with participants coming from around the globe to present.

For additional information go to or visit us on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,YouTube, Vimeo, or call 702-675-5120.


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