Divorce Coach and Retired Law Enforcement Officer Asks American Psychological Association to Recognize Parental Alienation

Below is a copy of my recent correspondence to the American Psychological Association, APA, urging them to recognize parental alienation from the perspective of a law enforcement officer and divorce coach at the request of many parents seeking support from professionals on the issue. I urge parents and other professionals to continue to write in recognition of the devastating issue.


July 15, 2016


Dr. Susan McDaniel


American Psychological Association

750 First St. NE

Washington DC 20002-4242

Re: Recognition of Parental Alienation

Dear Dr. McDaniel;

My name is Catherine MacWillie, I am the CEO of Custody Calculations and a child custody and divorce coach. I have been dealing with family law for 32 years. 24 years as a law enforcement officer with the Los Angeles Police Department responding to radio calls dealing with divorce and custody issues. And a first responder to child abuse allegations and other related assignments. I devoted ten years of research to family law including cause and effect, impact and solutions that arise during these proceedings. In the process I identified that family law may be responsible for 25% of the crime in the United States, homicides, suicides, abductions, child abuse, domestic violence, violation of restraining orders, violation of court orders, stalking and more. To put just one of those numbers into perspective that is 3,500-4,000 homicides a year related to divorce and custody issues. My purpose in writing is an impassioned plea that the American Psychological Association recognize parental alienation.

At no other time in history has data collection, analysis and dissemination allowed for the improvement in human studies at this level or at this speed. Yet 50 years after first being identified parental alienation is still debated. Like saying law enforcement should still be working with equipment 50 years earlier; no radio’s, vests, tasers or computers. Unimaginable. Yet here we sit with parental alienation.

The fall out on parental alienation is breaking the down our courts. Judges unable to move one direction or another are heaping one resource after another on families as they seek to understand family dynamics and do what they can from the bench with even more damage to these cases. The costs for many of these programs is literally decimating American families emotionally and financially on top of the damage done to children. And not just in the United States. It is being replicated in nearly all developed countries of the world.

Pushed to the edge a growing number of parents are seeking the ultimate act of retribution  and revenge against the other escalating socially unaccepted behavior and the violent crime at an alarming rate. Leaving in its wake a broken social infrastructure whose origins can be  traced back in many cases to custody and parental alienation. The severity of the actions based on mild, moderate or severe alienation.

This correspondence is just one of many being drafted by colleagues around the globe for professional review by the APA and other organizations here in the United States and abroad.

As I review your three initiatives for the APA outlining advance integrated primary care nationally, team functioning; health equity; new payment models; interprofessional education; research, evaluation; and policies to sustain integrated primary care it would seem that parental alienation would fit into these goals well. I again urge the APA to be a leader on this issue and recognize parental alienation.

I am available for further comment but would also refer you to Dr. Steven Miller and Dr. Amy Baker both far more eloquent and capable than myself for discussion on the issues albeit less emotional. I am afraid that too many years as a law enforcement officer dealing with the carnage of divorce, custody and parental alienation have caused me to be overly impassioned ~ certainly not neutral on this very important issue.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Catherine MacWillie

CEO, Custody Calculations

P.O. Box 3447

San Dimas, California 91773




Catherine MacWillie is the CEO of Custody Calculations and a Child Custody and Divorce Coach. She has 32 years experience dealing with Family Law. 24 years as a law enforcement officer responding to radio calls dealing with divorce and custody issues and a first responder to child abuse investigations in addition to other related assignments. She spent ten years researching Family Law and divorce including cause, effect, impact, solutions to the many issues that arise during divorce and custody proceedings. The last eight years as a Coach.

She is the past president of Stop Parental Alienation of Children. A prior board member of Parental Alienation Awareness Organization. An advisory board member of International Support Network of Alienated Families. A member of Parental Alienation Study Group. A member of the 2014 Parental Alienation Colloquium, Long Beach, California. A member of the 2016 Parental Alienation Think Tank, Beverly Hills, California.

In 2017 her research on divorce, crime and parental alienation will be presented in Prague, Czechoslovakia at the International Academy of Law and Mental Health (IALMH) a prestigious event with participants coming from around the globe to present.

For additional information go to CustodyCalculations.com or visit us on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,YouTube, Vimeo, or call 702-675-5120.



4 thoughts on “Divorce Coach and Retired Law Enforcement Officer Asks American Psychological Association to Recognize Parental Alienation

  1. Brian

    I appreciate the work your doing to.educate Family Law on the dynamics of parental/family alienation and it effects.
    The ripple effect of devastation to families and the impact it has on our communities In the break down of the family unit. The adverse psychological effects are impacting our society without people realizing it. One example: the Newtown Ct massacre, where Adam Lanza acted out his anger allegedly because of being a victim of PAS…….and then we ask, “why?”

    • Custody Calculations

      Thank you Brian for your kind words of support. Couldn’t agree with you more on the impact of parental alienation, divorce and custody. The ripple effect across our entire social structure in this country is not recognized or understood.

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