La Verne University Moves Forward With Plans to Offer Parents Courses On Divorce, Custody and Parental Alienation

This 8 hour course focuses on dealing with divorce, custody and parental alienation. The course provides an overview of the myriad of issues that parents will need to navigate during the divorce process. It is designed to provide parents with best practices, methods, and techniques to deal with the divorce and custody process. From amicable divorce to high conflict cases and everything in between. Here’s an overview of just some of the many topics that will be covered:

Success or Tragedy – do you have a Choice?
How much will it cost? How Long? What can I expect?
Terms and costs you need to know
Who to trust – Choosing an attorney and other professionals
Child Support/Spousal support
Friends and Family/How to respond to questions about your divorce?
Parental alienation – What is it?
False allegations – child abuse, domestic violence, restraining orders
Abduction risk and options
Violation of court orders

This informative course provides a clear and concise understanding of the process from the perspective of an insider, a law enforcement officer. Providing the information that parents need to better evaluate risk and rewards, so they can change tactics, no matter where they are in the process for a better outcome. Later courses will allow parents to build on their understanding from general classes to more in depth single subject classes on a schedule that will work for them.

Who Should Attend

Parents considering divorce
Parents who have already filed for divorce and are just starting the process
Parents in the process and involved in high conflict case
Parents already divorced but still returning to court for violation of court orders, modification of court orders, etc.
Parents dealing with Parental Alienation
Parents dealing with false allegations of child abuse, false restraining orders and false police reports
Parents dealing with obstruction/blocking custody
Parents concerned about international abduction
Parents trying to better understand the process for assessment of changing tactics in their case

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of Dealing With Divorce, Custody and Parental Alienation program, you will:

  • Understand factors in choosing an attorney and other divorce professionals
  • Have an understanding of the basic terms, costs and resources that may be ordered in a divorce and custody case.
  • Understand issues related to risk and rewards in accessing what and how to respond to property, custody and financial issues
  • Understand how spousal support and child support is determined and for how long
  • Have a basic understanding of social media and how it affects decisions by the courts on divorce and custody issues
  • Understand what parental alienation is and how it affects children and their relationship with them
  • Know the difference between traditional and non-traditional divorce options, mediation, collaborative divorce etc.
  • Understand how false child abuse allegations, false restraining order and police reports can benefit one parent over the other in custody decisions even if false and methods of protection
  • Understanding risk factors of international abduction
  • Preparing and sending appropriate email and text communications with the other parent
  • How to document violation of court orders
  • Proficient  in what to say to persons at work, family, school staff and others asking about the divorce

Course Instructor

Your instructor is Catherine MacWillie, CEO Custody Calculations and a Child Custody and Divorce Coach. Catherine has 32 years of experience dealing with Family Law. 24 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, where she responded to radio calls dealing with divorce and custody issues, and a first responder to child abuse investigations and other related assignments. She spent ten years researching Family Law and identified that divorce and custody issues may be related to 25% of the crime in the United States. The last 8 years as a Child Custody and Divorce Coach with clients all over the United States and abroad. Catherine frequently presents at conferences domestically and abroad. She is often in the media commenting on breaking stories dealing with homicides, divorce and custody issues. In 2017 her research will be presented in Prague at the International Academy on Law and Mental Health.


This is the first time that courses on divorce, custody and parental alienation have been offered at higher education facility. The course is in response to the growing recognition of the impact and devastation of the divorce process not only on families and children but on communities as a whole. The university is conveniently located in Los Angeles County near the 10/210/57 freeways

For additional course information, fees and enrollment click on the below link or copy and paste below into your url;




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