Are You a Victim of Parental Alienation? Want Help? Important Handbook For Parents Released by ISNAF

image photo isnaf handbook oct 2018


Submitted by Dr. Ernest Salem, Member at Large ISNAF Board

I feel very privileged to recommend and be part of this must have Handbook for parents involved in high conflict divorce and custody cases dealing with Parental Alienation (PA). Catherine MacWillie, CEO, Custody Calculations, Calendars & Orders.

. . . . . .

The International Support Network for Alienated Families (ISNAF) announces the release of their newly published Handbook. The Handbook will validate and corroborate the experiences of alienated parents and will assist other individuals in their lives who may not understand PA.

Although the average therapist, attorney, minors’ council, and family law judge may have a limited knowledge of PA they may still find the Handbook a valuable resource. The main goal of the Handbook however is to be used as an informational tool for alienated parents.

The Handbook briefly outlines in a succinct format, important information from books, articles, and papers written by the professionals with whom ISNAF has collaborated and who has been recommended to its members. The list includes professionals such as Dr. Amy Baker, Dr. William Bernet, Dr. Steven Miller, Dr. Michael Bone, Linda Gottlieb LMFT, Brian Ludmer, and Catherine MacWillie, all who have presented to our families and worked on their cases.

ISNAF, International Support Network for Alienated Families, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) founded in 2008. Their Board is comprised of Alienated Parents and Former Alienated Parents who have first-hand experience dealing with this type of abuse and who have been successfully reunited with their children.

Other members are currently in the legal process, including those that continue to strive for reunification with their adult children. ISNAF works with individuals and families dealing with PA by offering monthly, in person support group meetings and conference calls. Many have attended our conferences, workshops, colloquium, and symposium. For additional information about the organization, please visit our website at .

The Handbook provides essential and useful information regarding PA. Practical advice on navigating the difficulties of divorce and custody by those affected by PA is discussed in detail. Highlights include a thorough explanation of PA, its causes, ways to effectively deal with the life-altering situations caused by it, as well as useful parenting suggestions for those suffering the effects of PA.

Also included is information on choosing an effective attorney, expert witness, court strategy, dealing with social services and false allegations, restraining orders, and problems caused by social media.

Additionally, personality disorders and how they manifest themselves in individuals involved in PA is another useful facet of the Handbook. Hope for reunification is offered in a thorough discussion of this important topic. A glossary of terms closes the Handbook and provides a comprehensive definition for terms common in the world of PA.

The Handbook is a must-have for anyone dealing with the heartbreak of PA and its related issues. It has proven to be a useful tool for parents who are trying to educate their friends, families, attorneys, minors’ council, social workers, evaluators, therapists, clergy, pediatricians, and educators.

The Handbook intends to bring practical knowledge and information to families, professionals, and lay people without having to read endless books or spend limited resources. Moreover, it provides an easy to use tool for both parents and professionals to learn about the dynamics of PA.

To purchase the Handbook go to our website at and use PayPal to pay by credit card or please send a check to: ISNAF 553 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 553, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.

The Handbook is currently only available in English. Be sure to include your mailing address. The cost of the Handbook is $35 including standard shipping. There may be additional shipping fees for international orders.

All proceeds go to fund the all-volunteer organization (ISNAF) in continuing to support families, educate the community, and advocate for reform.



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